Predictive Dialer: Benefits for your telemarketing needs

Successful business people always know the value of their customers. They try to make great efforts in order to cater for this list of customers and they also try to find out new methods in tele-marketing to acquire new customers. In the real world, when it comes to conveying promotional offers and hot deals to your potential customers, businesses normally assign a task to its telemarketing team. However, in reality you call center agents will face a lot of trouble while contacting people in the form of listening to busy signals, annoying answer machine messages or sometimes they hear wrong number warnings. Now, this is not a call productivity. That’s why a need for predictive dialers generate.

Predictive dialers are basically telemarketing software products which have the capacity to turn a simple computer machine into powerful calling machine. It can easily follow numbers and leads from the database in a row. Predictive auto-dialers can easily predict what’s coming next. Every time your telemarketing software encounter an answering machine, it usually plays a pre-recorded message. When the line is busy, it marks the number as pending and calls it again whenever the line is available. Whenever the call ends in an error, it deletes the number from your database. However, if the software detects a human voice, it gives an agent an indicator to start talking.

There is no doubt that predictive dialer software can increase your agent’s productivity and opens up avenues of success for your business. All major predictive dialer software are almost similar when it comes to the features. It is much better to have a free trial in order to get a feeling for each of the software and see which product suits your company needs. However, there are few of very important features which you should look upon on every predictive dialer software you come across:

It is compliant with Do not call laws

It has the capacity to transfer the call to another agent or office in another part

It has detection for fax machine and answering machine

Database (MS ACCESS, Excel and MySQL) import function

VoIP protocol support; It can schedule broadcasts and campaigns

It provides a possibility to pre-record a voice message for regular voice broadcast and to cater to the needs of answering machines

It also provides a possibility to see the statistics and leads of each marketing campaign

You must choose a predictive dialer software which has the capability of integration. It must be convenient to integrate the predictive dialer into your current business tele-marketing system. It also needs to be fully integrated with Skype VoIP software. It means that if you have a good quality and high speed internet connection, you can easily do your telemarketing business at a ridiculously low costs or in some case it is absolutely free. Predictive dialer software can make your business pretty better however it is quite an expensive piece of software. The best buying tip is to check the feature list and download a trial version before making an actual purchase.